The Problem
The Retention Email Marketing segment was not generating enough business. The look was outdated and the ideas were not fresh.

The Objective
The two-person marketing team was tasked with redesigning and rethinking the GroundLink emails. Design needed to be overhauled giving the brand a personality. The content had to keep our customers informed about GroundLink while being friendly and professional. The team had to find new and creative ways to sell rides.

The Email
This was the first email out of the gate. Our customer is the executive traveler, typically using us to go to and from the airport. We noticed that even though we are available everywhere in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world, most of our customers were using us in only one city. We needed to market our worldwide capabilities. We used “Wherever you’re going, GroundLink is there.” and “We’ll pick you up on the other side.” letting them know that we are not only where you live, but also where you are going. The mirrored car image visually represents “the other side”. One set in New York, the other LA—two of our most popular cities.

The Result
The Worldwide Email has outdone all of our emails by far, garnering 800 rides, $72,000 in revenue and an increase in sales in other cities. We believe that it’s the perfect combination of design, message and offer that has made this email so successful. Why, you may ask? We have sent out 8 other emails with different messages and designs that follow the new brand guidelines, but they have the same offer or better. None compare to this one.

The retention email series as a whole has generated $400,578 revenue in the last eight months—an increase of 320% over sales in 2012. The design of the emails has helped to increase interest within our customer base. The consistent use of a few graphic elements continues to build the brand into something more recognizable.