Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a web and print Design Director. I have 13 years of experience, ranging from in-house to agency, web to print and creation to direction.

Most recently, I was the Design Director for Adorama. I managed a team of four designers and made sure that they were always busy. We primarily designed retail emails and landing page and took the design to a fresh and modern level. Along with the look of the email, I was instrumental in improving the promotional emails to include multiple category click points resulting in a 31% increase in click to open rate and 72% increase in revenue from 2017 to 2018. A large portion of my responsibility was project management. As someone with a keen sense of organization, timeliness and process, I immediately  detected problem areas in the workflow process and initiated weekly marketing/design meetings and monthly project calendars which resulted in tripling design efficiency. When strapped for resources, I had no problem rolling up my sleeves and taking on design projects. One project was the  redesign of the email templates for Welcome and Abandon trigger series which resulted in major lift in revenue (about $350k/mo). As always, I collaborated with Marketing and came up with new ideas and email strategies to strengthen project concepts.

Before Adorama, I was an Art Director at GroundLink, a global technology company for the black car service industry. I was part of a very small team so I got to wear many hats: Art Director, Web/Print Designer, UI/UX Collaborator, Production Artist, Project Manager, Occasional Copywriter, Office Beautificationer and that’s just to name a few! When I first started, GroundLink.com (1.x) was a mess and 2.0 wasn’t shaping up to be any better. We scrapped the years’ work and started from scratch. In a few months 3.0 was born. I led the design as Art Director and had a huge hand in UI/UX for the Corporate Dashboard. I worked with the Product team to optimize the site for conversion, SEO and overall appearance. Retention Emails also needed some love at the time that I joined the team. My role at GroundLink brought structure, design and wittiness to the segment. I brainstormed ideas with the SVP of Marketing, design, program (and sometimes wrote) all of the emails. I am proud of the quantity and quality of work that I accomplished in my short time at GroundLink—every day was a new challenge and to that I always say, “Bring it on!”

I did a short stint in Chicago a few years ago; there I worked at Ryan Partnership on the newly acquired account, The Home Depot. In less than a year I was promoted from Web Studio Artist to Senior Designer and designed emails for The Garden Club, including an email series for Martha Stewart.

I have always managed my own design consultant business while working full time. I pride myself in my time management and attention to detail. It makes my clients happy and allows me to add new clients to my list. Some notable clients include: Planet Fitness, UJA-Federation of New York, Classic Stage Company and World Science Festival.

I stay busy—lending a helping hand to anyone that needs it. I have trained other co-workers and freelancers at many of my jobs. As a visual learner, like so many in the field, I teach by demonstrating and providing examples. I am a creative spirit—I dance down hallways and sing what’s on my mind. My favorite design program is Illustrator, my favorite tool is Pathfinder and my favorite color is Pantone 137 C because it’s happy, exciting and bright.